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Zelberry was founded back in January 2006 by me, Harriet Berry

Over the years I have followed my heart and continued to add to my skills to allow me to provide a unique, high quality reflexology and remedial massage therapy service. 

My Story

I have always had a keen interest in caring for others. Before I finished school I started working as an assistant in nursing in a nursing home for the elderly. While studying Science at University I cared for paraplegics and quadriplegics in their homes. When I chose to study massage I took on working with ventilated quadriplegics. All of these roles were challenging and taught me a lot about empathy and compassion while providing quality care.

For over 17 years now I have run my own massage therapy business. Initially I worked alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths and other massage therapists in Melbourne. When I moved to Queensland I opened my home clinic, which has given me flexibility around the needs of my three children.

When I fell pregnant with my first child I realised that locally there were no massage therapists that I felt comfortable seeking massage from while pregnant. A big part of this was my own understanding of the education you receive as a massage therapist. The area of maternity massage has very minimal coverage when studying the Diploma of Remedial Massage. As a result when I was ready I travelled to Melbourne to complete a Diploma of Pregnancy Massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia.

During my second pregnancy we travelled to England to visit family. As the trip progressed I experienced back pain that was debilitating. I was nervous about travelling back on the long flight. I was recommended to see a reflexologist local to where we were staying. I was skeptical prior to the treatment but it was amazing. Within 24 hours of the treatment my back pain eased and it never returned for the rest of the pregnancy. I vowed that I would learn how to do that.

I managed to make time to study the Diploma of Reflexology and then travel to study the maternity reflexology course that originates from the UK. I feel so lucky to be able to work in this field and to be able to utilise the skills I have learnt to enhance the pregnancy experience for so many women.

As my work expands and my clients go from pregnancy to early parenting and then the years ahead it seems obvious to broaden my services to Women’s Health. Travelling to Copenhagen in July 2017 to undertake a week long summer school intensive at one of the most advanced schools of reflexology in the world, I came back with immense knowledge. My clients now enjoy the wonderful results that my skills are allowing their bodies to achieve, usually leaving with results far better than they could have expected. 

Back Massage

My Principles

Get to the key to your pain quickly

Using my experience and knowledge I make it my priority to find where your pain is actually stemming from. From there it is all about settling your pain in as few sessions as possible. Everybody is different so what worked for the last person, will likely not work for you. This is an understanding that comes with experience.  

Provide a high quality service

I have searched out and learnt from some of the best practitioners across the world. This has given me skills and experience that provide a high quality service. Value for money is important to me, I put my best effort into getting you good results, if not better, in the shortest time frame.  

To give you a quality session I limit the number of clients that I see each day. I want to give the last client of the day the same quality energy as the first client of the day. 

You will always get the best service at Zelberry. 

Listening and understanding

A discussion with you about all elements of your health gives me a full understanding about your needs.

From this in-depth health history I can determine your priorities and goals, which determines my treatment plan.

If I find what you need is not what I offer, I will be quick to refer you to another practitioner who can assist you.  

A calm safe clinic 

When you take some time to step out of your busy life, it is important that you come to a calm environment. Here you can feel safe to talk about your health and needs.

My priority is to make sure a good portion of your treatment is relaxing. This allows your nervous system to process the release of muscle tension and unravel the imbalances. All my clients are pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the sessions are. 

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