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Massage and Reflexology for Headaches

Shoulder and neck tension is one of the most common issues that my clients seek massage and reflexology for. There are some pretty standard reasons why this tension develops, the main one being working on a computer for long periods. In many professions massage and reflexology can be helpful in limiting this tension and the […]

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Reflexology is a modality which baffles most. As my son says, “I have a sore tummy mum, my foot is fine”.  Through the feet most parts of the body can be stimulated which clients have found gives them relief from tension or pain in that area.  The first time I had reflexology I couldn’t keep […]

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Why all the water?

The appointment reminder message that I have sent out for you suggests that you drinking plenty of water before your appointment. You may be wondering why.  First a few facts: 55% of the average women’s body is made up of water. Every part of your body relies on water The muscles rely on good hydration […]

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Harriet’s Journey

I wanted to share my journey so you can understand a little more of why I do what I do.  My first 15 years were spent on a farm on Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland.  In 2007 we (my parents and three brothers) immigrated to Australia, Longreach to be exact. A […]

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