Reflexology is a modality which baffles most. As my son says, “I have a sore tummy mum, my foot is fine”.  Through the feet most parts of the body can be stimulated which clients have found gives them relief from tension or pain in that area. 

The first time I had reflexology I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt the deepest feeling of relaxation and afterwards I was energised. This is what most clients report when they have a full reflexology session in my reflexology chair. 

There is no magic switch with reflexology. It isn’t like taking a tablet and the pain goes away, though it has sometimes had a short term analgesic effect. The subtle changes come with multiple sessions. Previous clients have noted:

  • Improved energy throughout the day
  • Motivated to get stuff done
  • Deeper sleep and sleeping all night
  • Able to manage stressful situations much better
  • Overall feeling improved wellbeing
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Improved immune function

All of this, alongside deep relaxation, has been a game changer for all of my clients.  If you are not sure how reflexology will affect your particular situation, book an appointment and we can talk about your particular situation and decide what would be best for you.

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